Meet the Maker – Behind the Scenes of Lizzy&Remy, the first zero-waste, eco pup wear designer/entrepreneur Lizzy Rives

Hi there! I’m Lizzy Rives, I’m the chief visionary officer and designer of Lizzy&Remy, a line of hand-fabricated eco pup wear that helps keep fabric out of landfills and preserve our natural world.

My journey is a story of evolution, inspired by you! The idea for Lizzy&Remy’s began when I was making and selling cute pup clothes as a small business owner of an online dog clothing boutique, formerly known as Toodles Lane. While I loved designing new and adorable dog clothes, I realized I ultimately wanted to contribute to something greater. Being a part of the amazing Instagram community of dog lovers, I saw not only did we share a love for our pups, but we shared a passion for envisioning a better tomorrow. Through our connection, I realized my small business could support your sustainable lifestyle and be a model for the change we’d like to see in the world to address the escalating climate change crisis. As hard as I looked for modern, sustainable dog apparel that fit with my own sense of style and would keep my pup, Remy comfortable, I couldn’t find companies designing all eco pup wear. So…my creativity kicked in, and I got to work imagining what an elevated, all sustainable pup wear line would look like and how I could build a zero-waste and circular business model. After a lot of meditation, and in a giant leap of faith, I decided to completely re-brand and re-launch Toodles Lane as Lizzy&Remy, providing you with the first zero-waste, eco pup wear line that gives love back to mother earth and supports your dedication to a better future. My designs are made of eco-friendly fabric, recycled fabric or fabric scraps, giving birth from the old to the new, minimizing textile waste.

While Lizzy&Remy’s origins blossomed from my online dog clothing store, Lizzy&Remy’s roots go back much further. For as far back as I can remember, I’ve always had an affinity for creativity and business. My design and business founder journey began when I first started out studying art at Carnegie Mellon University. Later, I moved back to Seattle where I got a bachelor’s in business. I also grew up working in a small family business that became a top-selling brand of science kits for kids. And guess what? I’ve always been dog obsessed! While working at my family’s business, I created a best-selling children’s kit called Pamper Your Dog that teaches children responsibility through pet care! Through working in my family’s business, my creativity and entrepreneurial mindset merged. However, it wasn’t until after getting a master’s in business that I started truly pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams. While I’ve been working full time as a business consultant, I’ve been building up Lizzy&Remy piece by piece. I’m a one woman show (with Remy of course!) I handle all aspects of the business, from collection design, manufacturing, marketing, social media, sales, photography, customer service and much more! It is all worth it in seeing my dreams come to life. My ultimate goal is to have Lizzy&Remy be my fulltime occupation, so I can contribute to raising awareness on climate change, play a part in protecting our mother earth and support your love for your pup. I hope Lizzy&Remy can serve as a reminder of our intrinsic connection to from the forests to the oceans, land and sky.

My aim is to design collections that are 100% sustainable, modern, elevated and fit seamlessly with your own sense of style. My design aesthetic draws inspiration from the wonders of the natural world, and I hope to bring the intrinsic power of the natural elements, to you and your pup’s everyday life. Infusing your day with the joy of flowers in bloom, the tranquility of water and the peace of pink and lilac sunsets. Lizzy&Remy is an ode to mother earth. I’m so excited to be on this journey and for you to be such an integral part of it!


Lizzy Rives

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